Top 20 Eyewear Fashion Blogs to Follow

  1. 1 / Style Salvage

    1. Style+salvage

    Style Salvage is a blog for men who like dressing sharp and trendy. It showcases old and new design talents, interviews with designers and style commentaries.

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  2. 2 / The Freelancer's Fashion Blog

    1. The+freelancer%2527s+fashion+blog

    Run by a multi-talented female burlesque teacher, the Freelancers Fashion Blog talks about a little bit of everything. These include interesting moments, vintage inspired clothing, interiors, food and music.

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  3. 3 / The New Male Fashion

    1. The+new+male

    If you are a man who believes that fashion, creativity, design and flair is only for the ladies, then New Male Fashion is what you need to follow. This blog shows how men no longer have to settle for an all-gray and boring wardrobe.

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  4. 4 / Renaissance Mensa

    1. Renaissance+mensa

    The Renaissance Men is the ideal place to get all the fashion content and grooming details for African men. The blog encourages African men to embrace their own style, instead of blindly following – a wise undertaking indeed!

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  5. 5 / Optical Vision Resources

    1. Optical+vision+resources

    Want to know what inspires artists’ behind the numerous eyewear collections? Optical Vision Resources is the place you need to be.

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  6. 6 / The Spectacled

    1. The+spectacled is a personalized blog that features photos and shares stories of people who make eyewear an extension of their personal style.

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  7. 7 / I Want You to Know

    1. I+want+you+to+know

    Born out of a hobby of a woman trying to find just the right career, I Want to Know You is a lifestyle blog that talks about fashion, dress codes and making a personal statement through clothing.

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  8. 8 / The Optical Vision Site

    1. The+optical+vision+site

    For eye care professionals looking for daily tips on sales, marketing, social media updates and trends, the Optical Vision Site has all the answers. It is the ultimate resource for all things optical.

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  9. 9 / Buckets and Spades

    1. Buckets+%2526+spades

    Buckets and Spades is a visual diary that has creative ideas about menswear, latest styles, advertising, creative marketing, photography, and social media trends.

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  10. 10 / The Fashion Tag

    1. Fashion+tag

    If you’re looking for fashion trends, Fashion Tag has it all for you in one place. With topics as diverse as skin protection, hair styling tips etc, this fashion blog covers it all.

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  11. 11 / The Eyecessorize Blog

    1. The+eyecessorize+blog

    If you are looking for information on the latest trends in eyewear, the Eyecessorize Blog is where you need to be. Eyecessorize is the most updated forum on all things related to eyewear.

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  12. 12 / Eyestylist

    1. Eyestylist

    Eyestylist, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive blog that talks about design and inspiration, creative spirits, arts and travel with the classiest eyewear out there.

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  13. 13 / Framegeek

    1. Frame+geek

    If you are among those who believe (and rightly so) that geeky glasses are cool, then take a look at this interesting blog.

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  14. 14 / Girls With Glasses

    1. Girls+with+glasses

    If you ever got teased about wearing glasses in high school, Girls with Glasses is your chance at redemption. This blog proves how chic being geeky can be. Check out cool girls with glasses here.

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  15. 15 / Eyewear Talk

    1. Eyewear+talk

    If you love sunglasses and eyeglasses, love to try them on and love to read about them, then Eyewear Talk is the place where you need to hang out. Each blog entry here is an inspirational story to help you find the right kind of eyewear for you.

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  16. 16 / Daily Optician

    1. Daily+optician

    Looking for a forum to share your eyewear experiences? Download the mobile app for Daily Optician and share your eye care experiences with the rest of the world!

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  17. 17 / Optical News Daily

    1. Optical+news+daily

    If eyewear is an important part of your life, you need to follow Optical News Daily. Get the latest updates on new releases, collections and designs in the world of eye fashion.

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  18. 18 / My Glasses And Me

    1. Myglassesandme

    For those looking to bridge the gap between fashion and eyewear, MyGlassesAndMe (MGAM) is the perfect place to hang out. With information on the latest street styles and beauty trends, this is truly your one-stop hang out for fashionable eyewear.

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  19. 19 / Eyespectacle

    1. Eye+spectacle

    It’s hard to imagine eyewear as fine art. But at Eyespectacle that is exactly what you get. The blog gives you the entire story behind each frame and the inspiration that goes into the making of each piece.

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  20. 20 / Everything About Sunglasses

    1. Everything+about+sunglasses

    Everything About Sunglasses remains true to its name by providing answers to all the common questions about eyewear. Whether it is frequently asked questions about photochromic lenses or underrated eyeglass designers, you will find all the answers here.

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