7 Accessories That Would be the Fashion Trend This Fall

  • by Admin on 22-Sep-15

Its not hard to imagine what would trend this fall. Fringes, pale shades and big ear wear are among the obvious answers. There will be coats too. Lots of coats. And sunglasses. With a more sustainable, wooden appeal. But let's not keep you fashionistas guessing. Here are the top 7 accessories that would be fashion trends you'll want to wear this fall including mercedes-benz sunglasses!

    1. Snakeskin+bag

    1. Bags – Small & Snake-y

    If you are looking for something casual yet downright classy to throw over your shoulder, or even carry as a clutch, you'd be happy to know that small is 'in' this fall. Interesting textures, mostly combinations of various sorts of snake skins are trending. Autumn-ready hues such as deep, natural greens, burnt oranges and browns are the colors to look out for in bags this fall.

    1. Big+earrings

    2. Jewelery – Bold is Beautiful

    This fall is all about big and bold jewelery. Chunky, statement earrings have graced the runways so often this fall. Strong, metallic looks are trending. The metal of the moment is brass. Richly hued brass. Whether its neck wear, ear wear or rings, big and shiny brass is the trend to look out for this fall.

    1. Shwood originals header

    3. Sunglasses – Sustainable Style

    Big, small, round or cat-eyed, whatever the sunglasses shape that suits your face, fashion does not care. Fashion is more concerned with the material of the frame this time around. That is creating some commotion on the runway. Wooden goodness is the ideal high fashion, high powered look this fall. Frames made in warm shades of brown, burgundy and rust, crafted out of wood, are the trendiest eyewear to look out for.

    1. Scarve

    4. Scarves – Skinny Simplicity

    Skinny scarves are not just an accessory of classic male rockers such as Keith Richards or Steven Tyler. This style has had a high-fashion makeover in recent times. Slivers of silk draped across the models' necks have made it to the runway over and over again. And this fall is no different. Bright hued, thin scarves are trending this fall. Grab your skinny statement of simplicity soon.

    1. Gloves

    5. Gloves – Clooney-ed!

    If there is anyone who could change our minds about gloves on the red carpet, it would be Amal Clooney. She confidently carried her Downton Abbey styled gloves on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2015 and made everyone fall in love, all over again, with this old Hollywood look. Cozy, elbow-length arm wear with sleek business-casual dresses is being noted as the next big comeback style for this fall.

    1. Shoes+in+gladiator+sandals+style

    6. Shoes – Time to Lace Up!

    Need a pair of shoes that are powerful and pretty? If yes, then you'd be happy to know that gladiators are back. Whether you are looking for casual sandals or the knee-high versions, this age old design has made it back as a front-runner in fashion footwear. From suede to snake-skin, to buff and buckled, these deity derived shoes are some of the 'must haves' for this fall.

  1. Headwear+ +berets

7. Headwear – Berets are Back!

When it comes to hat trends for fall 2015, it is easy to point out the French styled berets dotting the runways, back with full force. Available in a multitude of colors, ranging from black and pastel shades, to bright and funky designs, these berets would go perfectly with your classic coats and tartan wraps. Go for bright colors, contrasting with the dull autumn hued clothing for this fall to make an impactful fashion statement.


So whether you religiously follow runway trends or someone looking to update this season's wardrobe, you now know how you'll be accessorizing this fall!