Shwood x Stanley Adventure Pack

A Stanley thermos means three things: ruggedness, reliability, and adventure. Carried for over 100 years by everyone from forest firefighters to weekend campers, Stanley products show up wherever top performance and a hot cup of coffee is required. Stanley products have long been a quintessential part of American outdoor culture. And now is your chance to join the lineage in a unique way.


Our collaborative Shwood x Stanley package includes two adventure essentials: a Stanley Classic Flask and a pair of Shwood titanium sunglasses - both finished in the classic Stanley “hammertone” texture. For added functionality, the flask comes wrapped in a protective leather sleeve - complete with easy-carry D-ring and debossed with an “Experiment With Nature” illustration for good measure. The matching hammertone-finish sunglasses are fitted with walnut temples and grey polarized lenses to complete a set that’s as good-looking as it is practical.


Each model is limited to 150 total pieces.

Essentials / All you need for summer

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