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The flagship model of the Newspaper Collection. Featuring a full-frame layer of newspaper and temple inlays, this pair shows off the rich newspaper texture to the fullest extent. Perfect for those seeking a unique eye catching pair of sunglasses.


The newspaper collection is crafted using a proprietary technique, rolling up 1600 feet of newsprint into a 4-inch diameter “log”. These logs are then sawn into 1/8-inch plies to reveal a unique, wood-like texture. Once the newspaper is added to our classic wooden frames and hand-finished, the result is a beautiful piece of eyewear, unlike anything else you'll see.


The Canby Select looks good on most face shapes.


Limited to 50 total pieces.


Every pair of Shwood Select glasses comes fitted with polarized lenses and paired with a semi-hard travel case, hand sewn from premium grade leather.

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  1. 1Real Laminated Newspaper Inlay
  2. 2Premium Walnut Hardwood
  3. 3Birch Core Construction
  4. 4Polarized Lenses
  5. 5Spring Hinges

Process / Below the Fold

  1. Lenses / Optics by Zeiss

    1. Shwood+lenses

    Unrivaled Clarity

    “Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision” CR-39 or polarized lenses are fitted to all Shwood models.  Lens features include 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior coatings for a perfect blend of comfort and protection. 

  2. Materials / Globally Sourced

    1. Shwood+materials+wood

    One of a Kind

    Our selection of woods are all sustainably-harvested from authorized and supervised plantations across the globe. Only the most premium-grade lumber is hand-selected to ensure rich tones and attractive grain patterns.