A perfect patina

For the second installment of our Salvaged Series, we turned to our local shipping ports to breathe new life into a well-traveled material. Century old tropical hardwoods, used and reused as shipping skids on countless voyages across the Pacific Ocean and eventually discarded in the Ports of Portland, have been repurposed by us into truly unique, handmade eyewear.


Decades of ocean travel have lent the skids a beautiful patina, reflective of the harsh elements and abuse they endured. Scuffs, dings, and discoloration all add to the rich character of these sunglasses. We paired this naturally aged wood with antiqued brass temple caps to finish the pairs, while retaining a rustic aesthetic. 


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  1. 1Century-Old Tropical Hardwoods
  2. 2Birch Core Construction
  3. 3Polarized Lenses
  4. 4Spring Hinges
  5. 5Antiqued Brass Temple Caps


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  1. Lenses / Optics by Zeiss

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    Unrivaled Clarity

    “Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision” CR-39 or polarized lenses are fitted to all Shwood models.  Lens features include 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior coatings for a perfect blend of comfort and protection. 

  2. Materials / Reclaimed

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    Crafted from century-old wooden skids used for ocean travel, each frame reflects the beautiful patina the wood has earned from years of heavy use and harsh elements.