How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for your Hairstyle

  • by Admin - 16-Sep-16

Many buy sunglasses based on their face shape, however, have you ever thought about factoring in your hairstyle as well. If no, then may be its time you paid some attention to your hairstyle. 

Here is a guide on how to select the right sunglasses for your hairstyle. Please note that this does not mean you should ignore your face shape.

    1. Long

    Long Hair

    From bohemian and naturally curly to groomed and glossy, you can do a lot with long hair.

    - Aviators and over-sized frames would create the perfect 'hippy' look
    - Solid black square would look classic with formal wardrobe
    - A John Lennon round rimmed style would help you pull off that rock 'n' roll look
    - Try contrasting curly locks with an angular frame
    - If you are looking for something casual/semi-formal, long hair would look perfect with classically square black frames in cream or tortoise shell finish. Embellished arms will be perfect for an early evening dinner date.
    - Long straight hair work well with highly accessorized and detailed temples. Diamonds, branding or textured shapes will keep things interesting

    1. Short


    By short we mean like Emma Watson short. This along with the trend of wearing your boyfriend's wardrobe, keeps coming back in style.

    - For boys with this cut, go for a mirrored lens and a fine metal frame, for a smooth yet masculine look
    - For scruffy, mop-like short hair, whatever your gender, a bright colored acetate frame might create a fancy and fresh look
    - For women donning the cropped look, over-sized frames would look chic with metal rims, gold or silver.
    - If your style is more preppy, the cat-eyed frames might fit in with the studious look. Delicate facial features would be able to pull off dark, more masculine frames, while strong features would look lovely with floral frames and pastel shades.

    Tip: Try getting gradient lenses. Anything too dark will end up making you look like a spy

    1. Bob


    From Rihanna to Victoria Beckham, numerous styles of bobs and snappy haircuts have been going in and out of fashion for years.

    - Look for a strong frame if you have a softer, less angular bob
    - If your bob has 'bangs', then make sure there is a gap between the sunglasses' brow line and the hairline. Avoid overlapping
    - If you want to go for a 60's look, try a cat eye frame
    - Be careful with aviators – they tend to 'drag the features down'
    - If you have an asymmetrical cut with a thinned out end, you would probably look best with the 70's inspired design.

    Tip: This would look best with gradient lens

    1. Shaved


    Sometimes, less is more. A lot of people, women and men alike, prefer to keep their hair low maintenance and simple. This hair style outlines your face shape and features the most.

    - Don't forget to pay attention to the arms of your glasses. With a shaved head, these become the most highlighted. So make the most of them
    - Stay away from the John Lennon styled circular glasses
    - A shaved head is like a blank canvas. Throw in a splash of color and experiment with frame shapes. You can pull off almost anything
    - If you are lucky with the facial bone structure – with chiseled cheekbones and a strong jawline, show off your movie star looks with mirrored lenses

  1. Afro


This hairstyle is unique – its not an option for everyone. If you have one, try and rock this 70s retro look.

- Mirrored aviators give a classic disco look that work perfectly with an afro. If you want to add a bit of subtleness to your look, go for gradient lenses
- Don't go for anything too small in size
- Detailing on the outlines of the frames will help add some definition
- Avoid detailing on the arms of the glasses. There is no point to it, since no one will be able to see it.
- If you have a dark colored afro, strong graphic prints would make stunning frames. Red, gold or silver acetates would look particularly striking
- If you are fair complexioned, stay away from anything to close to your hair color.