The Next Chapter: Reconstructed Newspaper

This project started as an experiment. An experiment in transformation, reconstruction, and repurposing. To try to return paper to something like its original state. Created using a proprietary technique, 1600 feet of newsprint is wound up into a 4-inch diameter “log”. These logs are then sawn into thin plies to reveal a unique, wood-like texture. The finished product is a pair of sunglasses completely unique in appearance. The dense lines, swirling grain, and just a peek of text make each pair truly stand out.


The Newspaper Collection features three versions of our signature Canby model: Acetate and Wood Original, both featuring newspaper temple inlays, and Wood Select, with a full-frame layer of the unique material.


Watch the entire process video and shop the collection below.


The Select model is limited to 50 pieces.

Process / Below the fold

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