Shwood for Atlantic Records

With over 60 years of recorded music history, Atlantic Records has built a legacy, introducing some of the most influential and iconic artists of all time to the world. In honor of these musicians and their craft, we've created a new line of eyewear combining genuine Atlantic vinyl records and our classic wooden frames. The subtle grooves of the vinyl blend with rich Santos Mahogany for a look as effortless as the music it embodies. 


The Canby shape looks good on most face shapes.



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  1. 1Atlantic Vinyl Record Exterior
  2. 2Inlaid Metal Atlantic Logo
  3. 3Santos Mahogany Interior
  4. 4Birch Core Construction
  5. 5Polarized Lenses
  6. 6Spring Hinges

Inspiration / Everyday Music

  1. Packaging / Protect with Style

    1. Atlantic select box

    Safe and Sound

    Each Shwood for Atlantic Canby Select comes accompanied by a custom box bearing both the Shwood and Atlantic logos. Crafted from Santos Mahogany and finished with a genuine vinyl record slider top, it's the perfect way to protect your limited edition piece.

  2. Materials / Globally Sourced

    1. Shwood+materials+wood

    One of a kind

    Our selection of woods are all sustainably-harvested from authorized and supervised plantations across the globe. Only the most premium-grade lumber is hand-selected to ensure rich tones and attractive grain patterns.