New American Classics

Crafted from U.S.-grown Louisville Slugger ash wood. The Shwood for Louisville Slugger Original Collection re-imagines retired bats into eyewear as a tribute to America's favorite pastime. 

Using the same technique with which Slugger finishes their bats in their Louisville, KY factory, each pair of these sunglasses is flame-tempered for added strength and a unique, accented woodgrain. Comes packaged in a co-branded, baseball-inspired pouch along with a commemorative trading card.

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  1. 1Genuine Slugger Ash Wood
  2. 2Birch Core Construction
  3. 3Polarized Lenses
  4. 4Spring Hinges
  5. 5Flame Tempered Finish

Story / The life of a bat

  1. Technique / Flame-Tempered

    1. Shwood+slugger+tempered

    Truly Authentic

    Utilizing the same technique with which Slugger finishes their bats, these Shwood for Louisville Slugger sunglasses are flame-tempered for added strength and a classic woodgrain aesthetic.

  2. Protection / Linen Pouch

    1. Shwood+slugger+pouch

    Cut and Sew

    A custom baseball-inspired linen pouch helps protects each pair of Shwood for Louisville Slugger sunglasses when not in use.