New American Classics.

In celebration of their 130 years in baseball, we've teamed up with the legendary Louisville Slugger to create a brand-new collection of limited-edition sunglasses. Handcrafted from Louisville Slugger Ash wood in our Portland, OR wood shop, these two models of our Canby and Haystack silhouettes are a tribute, not only to America's favorite pastime, but to American craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Harvested in rural NY forests, milled into a bat in Louisville, KY, swung on fields around the globe, and repurposed in Portland, OR, the wood used for these glasses has seen many life cycles on its journey to you.

Where will you take them next?

Paint-Dipped Detailing

Pulling inspiration from Slugger's iconic paint-dipped bats, the Select Collection model features a two-tone black and white lacquered paint job that compliments the beautiful U.S.A.-grown Ash wood.

Display Box

Each pair of Shwood for Louisville Slugger Select Collection sunglasses comes packaged in a custom, hand-made wooden box that houses the glasses and all accompanying items for a truly one-of-a-kind and display-worthy package.

Branded Display Bat

A half display bat featuring the classic Louisville Slugger logo and special Shwood branding truly sets the Select Collection package apart. 

Branded Leather Travel Case

To protect your piece of history, every Select Collection model is accompanied by a hand-crafted leather travel case debossed with the Louisville Slugger logo.

Flame-Tempered Finish

Utilizing the same technique with which Slugger finishes their bats, each pair of Shwood for Louisville Slugger Original Collection sunglasses is flame-tempered for added strength and a unique prominent woodgrain aesthetic.

Slugger Branded Glasses

Extremely durable, UV-printed branding from both Shwood and Louisville Slugger adds a clean finish to the glasses.

Custom Trading Card

Each pair of Shwood for Louisville Slugger sunglasses comes packaged with a commemorative trading card that highlights the two brands' commitment to domestic manufacturing and high-quality goods.

Branded Pouch

A custom baseball-inspired pouch helps protects each pair of Original Collection sunglasses when not in use.